Internet Marketing By Me

Internet Marketing By Me

Learning Internet Marketing

This blog is all about learning internet marketing. I do not claim to be the experts, I do not claim to be one of those gurus. Just like most, I just want to learn more about all kind of aspect of Internet Marketing that is quite fascinating.

The composite image below can represent my sentiment.

Flying Solo

So, you want to do some Internet Marketing to make some money.  But where do you start?

OK, let’s start with a website. That’s mean, buying a domain name in a domain registrar. Then, finding hosting for the email and the website. What kind of server that should be running it? Shared, VPS, Dedicated… or cloud-based?

Before you know it, you are now dealing with instances, load balancing, auto-scaling and latency-based routing.

Now that the infrastructure is settled, how do you develop your product? Writing a review, building the landing pages, A/B test, analytics, payment gateway, warehousing, dispatch, shipment. What is your monetization strategy? And to do it properly, what kind of marketing that you need to do? Social media, online/offline, affiliate marketing?

In the end, you become a bit of website technician, network engineer, writer, salesman, bookkeeper, entrepreneur and social media expert.

That’s the beauty and the curse of flying solo.

Money to the Bank

Money to the Bank


Research Note and Finding

Most of the topic that I write here is usually because I need to research the topic and to understand it myself. Because now I  know how to do it, I am aware that there would be many other people that would like to know the answer. So, I just put my research note/finding on this page rather than gathering dust in the shelf. Hope you don’t mind. If I conclude something wrong, and you know the closer answers, kindly let me know via the comment. I will update it accordingly. After all, we are all want to learn internet marketing, right?

Well, that’s internet marketing!

And that’s this website. A little bit here and there… just for the internet marketing’s love affairs… Enjoy! Uh, and.. hopefully,… Ka.. ching!