WordPress and Server RAM: Your (many) Plugin Uses (much) Memory

WordPress is one of the most popular piece of software, especially as (free) blogging software. And it’s getting more robust and better each release. The problem is, WordPress is notorious for using a lot of memory that used up the server’s RAM (Random Access Memory). One thing that people tend to fail to distinguish is that some or a big chunk of memory are being used for plugins. Some are hunger for memory some are pretty savvy, so you need to know which category is the plugin that you use in! Read more

Forgotten Crucial Element for Your Blog: The Hosting Provider’s X Factor

When you have decided to host your own blog with your own domain, one of the thing that need to be done is to choose your hosting company. If you just starting up, of course is not very recommended to spend hundreds of dollar monthly on dedicated server. You should be fine with the “ordinary” shared hosting where you just spend maybe around $10 or less per month on hosting service, then with your blog getting more readers and contents, you will need to scale up, going to more powerful server and eventually the dedicated server. But the unfortunate thing is, it’s very difficult to choose the right hosting company among those “shared hosting” that is decent enough for a start without breaking the bank. This article will show you one !

The X-Factor Read more

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