GZIP Compression Using Amazon S3 Cloudfront CDN

After integrating CDN with your current hosting, the next step you need to do probably to make use the benefit of compression as much as possible. Most of the modern browser is now supporting gzip-compression as standard feature and it is quite easy to produce on-the-fly gzip distribution on your hosting server. Amazon S3 Cloudfront CDN on the other hand, currently does not support on-the-fly  gzip-ing, but implementing gzip distribution with Cloudfront could be easier than you think. Read more

How to Integrate WordPress Blog with Amazon S3 Cloudfront CDN

Since we know why it’s useful to integrate your blog with a CDN, now it’s time to technically integrate your blog with Amazon Cloudfront. What you need is only internet browser, your favourite Amazon S3 browser and a text editor.

Here is the checklist. (Tips: Just reading trough it to get overall picture, then if you want, just printout this page and start ticking the box one by one from 1 until finish) Read more

Confuse about Amazon S3 Vs Amazon Cloudfront ? Don’t Be !

So you heard about Amazon S3 or Cloudfront or Content Delivery Network / CDN that can help you in your internet life, but cannot really get the gist as of what is the different mainly between Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront? I will try to give the big picture explanation below. Forgive me if I leave some glory details, but I promise you, you will get the core understanding. Let start!

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) Read more

Why Integrate WordPress Blog with Amazon S3 Cloudfront CDN

Do it like the big boys! These days, CDN or (Content Delivery Network or some refer as Content Distribution Network) are no longer only for the rich and famous as the price become very very affordable. So, when money is no longer restricting, integrating WordPress Blog and Amazon S3 Cloudfront Content Distribution Network (CDN) should be on top of your agenda for various reason that I will discuss below.

If you asked, the argument put in this article can be applied to whatever your website platform is. Even if it’s not a blog. Have a read yourself! Read more

Practical Tips Selecting Web Hosting Provider For Your Website: Blog & Internet Marketing Business

Once you decide you want to do internet marketing business- whether e-commerce, blogging, forum, affiliate marketing, social media, or even porn – you need to have a website. To have a website you need a computer that always “on” 24 hours that always accessible from internet to serve your website to cutsomer. Then like it or not you need to select your web hosting provider. This is how to select it. Read more

[2009] Ping Server List For Your WordPress Blog

One of the most useful technical aspect of blogging is the capability of doing the “ping”. This is basically tell the world that you have something new on your website. The only problem is you need to maintain a balance between do the ping too many (and they think that you  are a spammer) and ping too little and your content is not spreading as fast.

Something to consider: Read more

Forgotten Crucial Element for Your Blog: The Hosting Provider’s X Factor

When you have decided to host your own blog with your own domain, one of the thing that need to be done is to choose your hosting company. If you just starting up, of course is not very recommended to spend hundreds of dollar monthly on dedicated server. You should be fine with the “ordinary” shared hosting where you just spend maybe around $10 or less per month on hosting service, then with your blog getting more readers and contents, you will need to scale up, going to more powerful server and eventually the dedicated server. But the unfortunate thing is, it’s very difficult to choose the right hosting company among those “shared hosting” that is decent enough for a start without breaking the bank. This article will show you one !

The X-Factor Read more

5 Reasons Why We Need to License The Image / Picture for Website or Blog

For all of us who look after a website, having an illustration or picture or image or photo to help strengthen the messages across to our visitor / client is always a nice additional. Your visitor will not only stay on your website longer, it actually enhanced the user experience (the user will like it) and the chance for him/her go back to your website will be higher as well.

Now the question is how do we got that picture. In my early days, I took the snap myself with my digital camera – but with more activity need to be done each day, this become pain exercise. Then I found that Google Image Search is one alternative. But this activity is not really legitimate as I actually breaking a copyright license and many other nasty stuff. Read more

Affiliate Marketing Basics: Making Money From Commission

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and the oldest form of internet marketing strategy. This strategy is not exclusive for online or internet marketing only. It’s also being used widely in the ‘real world’ since ancient history.

Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell is making money from commission when you sold other people’s product.

For example: Say you own a corner store / convenience store, and your friend makes a good cookies. So, you could make a deal with her that every pack of cookies that you sell from your store, she would give you 30% commission. But you don’t have to buy the cookies upfront. If nobody buys it, you just simply give it back to her without any money changing hand.

In the internet, although it’s still possible to sell cookies and other real product online, the most common products are of those that can be delivered digitally (download-able) such as: e-course, e-book, video, etc.

How Affiliate Marketing works Read more

Featured Content Gallery (FCG) Only Displays Blank Box

Featured Content Gallery (FCG) is one of the greatest WordPress plugin to promote featured content’s image on a very elegant slide show. The problem and solution I describe in this post will likely apply to any version as the root cause is something to do with the weakness of javascript in general. But when I write this, the FCG version 3.2.0 has just been released.

The Symptoms Read more

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