Easy and Effective Way to Protect Admin/Login Area of Your WordPress (or Any Website)

Unfortunately, there will always be bad people in the wild that will do bad stuffs. So, even if you consider yourself a kind person that has no enemy, it doesn’t mean that your website will not be attacked. In this article we will discuss one of the effective ways to put extra barrier between attacker and your website. And surprisingly, it is not that difficult (and fast)! It is good, right?

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Easily Updating IP Address in .htaccess file From DNS Record

IP Address white-listing is one of effective way to tighten security on restricted area. Unfortunately, if your IP address is not static one, or you are working from various places, manually updating .htaccess file to accomodate your IP address change -every single time – is not very convenient. Read more

Simple Guide To Start A Website

More and more people have a website now. It could be blog, online shop, photo album or even just one page “name-card”-like. The cost also very cheap. But sometimes, those who is not computer-savvy usually a little bit confuse and overwhelm when they want to manage the website by themselves. Well, read this article and let us see if I can change that perception

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Exclusive DreamHost Coupon 2013:Ultimate Deal

If you already stay around at least a few years in website/internet-marketing world, you will know by heart that choosing a hosting provider is not as straightforward as it can be. When you do your research , often you get some conflicting review. Some say hosting X is good, some will say it is horrible. Then also some price consideration kicks in. You want to minimize cost, but you also know that the cheapest available is not necessarily the better value.

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Cannot Approve Comment, Get “Search Not Found” or “Oops, No comment with this ID” on WordPress

If you get any of the symptoms on the title, and recently just restoring your WordPress database (maybe moving from different hosting company to the other) then this article might be the answer that you are looking for.

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[2011] Ping Server List For Your WordPress (or Other) Blog

Ping Server List is one of many aspect that need to be maintained when you have an online blog, WordPress or otherwise. Why? Some servers are no longer exist, some servers have merged together, some new servers have started, etc – so here we go… This is what I use for 2011…

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The Answer of X-Factor: What Your Web Hosting Don’t Want You to Know

Sometime ago I wrote about “X-Factor” of Web Hosting Provider / Server when it comes to hosting a website. In particular, a WordPress platform. At that time, I don’t really know what causing some of the server on different provider giving me different characteristic of all kind of strange behavior on WordPress. I think I found what the real problem behind all of those problems, so this is what the web hosting provider don’t want you to know. For sure. Read more

WordPress and Server RAM: Your (many) Plugin Uses (much) Memory

WordPress is one of the most popular piece of software, especially as (free) blogging software. And it’s getting more robust and better each release. The problem is, WordPress is notorious for using a lot of memory that used up the server’s RAM (Random Access Memory). One thing that people tend to fail to distinguish is that some or a big chunk of memory are being used for plugins. Some are hunger for memory some are pretty savvy, so you need to know which category is the plugin that you use in! Read more

Feedburner’s My Brand: “Feed not found” Error

Feedburner is virtually  de facto standard when it comes to RSS syndication. After being acquired by Google, they still maintain the famous brand. One of cool (and free) feature of Feedburner is what they called “MyBrand”. And for one my site, I have this “Feed not found” keep coming.. Annoying, but I finally found the solution. Read more

Problem With WordPress 2.9 Upgrade on 1and1 Hosting Provider

Upgrading our WordPress platform to version 2.9 was almost a non-event. All automatic upgrade was done within minutes very smoothly. It is almost taken for granted until we upgrade the one hosted on 1and1 hosting provider. As you probably know 1and1 is now one of the largest hosting company in the world and expecting some of you will have to experience similar problem, I hope this post is useful for you.

A little bit research on Google give us some reliefs that 1and1 did have some problem with WordPress 2.9 upgrade. But all of them are talking about some MySQL incompatibility (need higher version) and tips how to get around it.

The problem is: that’s not our problem. The MySQL databases of ours are already using MySQL 5.0. Furthermore, we did not get the error message at all. All upgrade process until “Upgrading Database” was done without problem. Only when it finished, we cannot go to the admin are/dashboard at all, Error 500 – Internal Server Error  was always triggered. Read more

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