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If you already stay around at least a few years in website/internet-marketing world, you will know by heart that choosing a hosting provider is not as straightforward as it can be. When you do your research , often you get some conflicting review. Some say hosting X is good, some will say it is horrible. Then also some price consideration kicks in. You want to minimize cost, but you also know that the cheapest available is not necessarily the better value.

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DreamHost is one of those hosting companies/registrars that we dare to openly endorsed them without ruining our reputation. Why? Because we use them in various website that we own, and we know first hand they are good. There are some factors that you might agree below that DreamHost is one of the best hosting around:

  1. Dreamhost is not some garage companies. They have been serving customers since 1997 and still going strong. They are there for long term, so does your business or personal website.
  2. Dreamhost plan is generous and simple.¬† If a company still considering whether to give their customer 20GB or 40GB for web-storage, they must be some penny pinching company (hence the service). At Dreamhost all is unlimited (domain, bandwidth, webstorage, email, database, etc) and there are only 3 different plan: Shared Hosting, VPS (Virtual private Server) and Dedicated Server. that’s it.
  3. With 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and 97-Day Money back Guarantee, DreamHost has total remove the risk of trying a new hosting provider.
    Imagine this, if you visit many forums or reviews and getting conflicting testimonial about a company from user, do you know exactly the situation of that particular user (too beginner means some advance configuration might break the site, too experts means some exotic feature will not be available – and both will scream for totally different reason. The solution? Try it yourself at your own current situation. Maybe you just “standard” guy that taken easy on some aspect, or maybe you are the control master who want to optimize everything. Try how the customer support will help you, how the server handle some pressure and one of important aspect, how long within this 97-days money back guarantee your website is actually down?

Bottom line is, we have been dealing with Dreamhost for years and there was hardly any problem. So, if you sign up you can get some added confidence. To help you to make decision easier, we got 3 exclusive deal that you can choose to custom your need. The detail feature of what you will get is here: www.dreamhost.com/servers/compare-our-products/

The Dreamhost Coupon Exclusive from Us

If you need Dedicated IP Address:

Why you need a dedicated IP Address? There are many reasons. One of them is crucially important if you want to host your own email. As you know, a shared hosting environment meaning at least 50 other customers will use the same IP Address. Imagine if one of them is a Spammer and the IP Address of the server got banned because of him. This means, your email also got banned and the rest is not really pretty picture. But if you have an IP address just for you, doesn’t matter it is shared server, maybe that’s the item that you only need.

If you add the IP Address as an add-on, this will cost you more than $40 a year! So, how about:

  • Free Unique IP Address for your server for the life of your plan¬† –PLUS —
  • 20% discount in the first year of your sign up (Total up to $24 off, reference is from $8.95 per month shared hosting package)

Meaning you will only pay $95.4 a year for about $140 service. (~$7.95 a month) – Remember every year, the IP Address won’t get charged as long as you maintain your service. So, year after year, it is still added beneficial.

COUPON CODE: “DH20IPADDR” (do not include the quote)

If you need More Domain Names:

Maybe you are not worry so much about IP Address, then you will like the 2nd coupon offer:

  • Not 1 (one), but TWO (2) Free domain registration
  • 20% discount in the first year of your sign up (Total up to $24 off, reference is from $8.95 per month shared hosting package)

Why you need so many domain name? Well, maybe you want to do separate website. But you could also just entertain the power of keyword match. For example if you have dogtraining.com, maybe domain name puppytraining.com and/or doggyschool.com will help your SEO (search Engine Optimization).

Anyway the 2 domain name will be for the life ofyour service. So, as the first deal year after year, it is still beneficial.

COUPON CODE: “DH20DOMAIN” (do not include the quote)

How about both ?

Yes, to make it in-between choices, here is the 3rd variation:

  • Free Unique IP Address for your server for the life of your plan
  • 1 (one) Free domain registration

COUPON CODE: “DH56872BOTH” (do not include the quote)
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How The Coupon Works?

Simple, you just sign up and during checkout just enter the coupon code. Some terms and conditions do apply, for example: this is just for new customer only. (More official wording is on their website). This offer usually is not valid in conjuction with other offer, but who knows your luck: if they have some other promotional campaign on their website, just compare that up (consider which one more valuable for you, then maybe the coupon also still work !!! (Probably not, but who knows, just cross your finger)

Anyway, I hope this helps to decide your new hosting provider……

Disclaimer: we are affiliate of DreamHost and will receive small commission if you decided to sign up, however we will only endorse a product or service as we have satisfied ourselves with it. The promotional detail is true at the time of publication (Jan 2013) and might change without this article being updated. Do check with the vendor website for latest info.

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