Why Google and ClickBank Ban “Data Entry” Product

It is quite questionable at first, why big company like Google (with its Adwords Pay Per Click program) and Clickbank apply such discrimination of otherwise legit industry in the market. I mean, if you go to any job- online website you will find countless data entry position being advertised. It is practically multi millions business.

Until you find the real reason behind it…

The Real Data Entry Job

Let’s quickly review what is the characteristic of the real data entry job. For you to be hired as data entry operator, it is essential to have the following:

  • Touch Typing skill is a must
    That’s is: you need to be able to type with your 10 finger without even looking at the keyboard
  • Fast and accurate
    You need to have certain minimum “word per minute” typing speed with certain maximum percentage error.

Then additionally, probably they ask you to have some Office skill, certain knowledge of some database porogram, telephone manner, shorthand, etc.

And no, usually you cannot work from home. Why? Because the data being entered to the system usually is either financial data or customer detail that by law have to be protected.

This is the real legitimate data entry job. Nothing wrong with this kind of data entry.

The “Data Entry” Scam

Data Entry affiliates is not allowedNow, supposed you stumble upon an ad or a website on the internet (also probably some fliers on your mailbox at home) that talking about “Data Entry” job / activity / program which has the characteristic as follows:

  • Speed, accuracy or even typing skill is not essential (should trigger your suspicion)
  • Work from home (unusual)
  • Get paid $250 a day or even $1000 a day (no, sorry, at this stage the rate is not that high)
  • There are limitless company that want to work with you (unusual, isn’it?)
  • Just ‘filling up web form’ (confirm it’s scam)
  • Sometimes they say all material is provided, just need to ‘cut and paste’. (if it’s already in digital format, why hire data entry)
  • And you have to pay to ‘join’ the program (absolutely sure it’s scam)

Will above characteristics of “data entry” job, give you the conclusion that something not right? Well, not for thousands that fall victim of this scam.

Modus Operandi

What is the real deal behind this scam?

The “data entry” job is nothing more than Affiliate Marketing (Earning commision by selling somebody else product):

  • The webform that need to be filled is the form to create an online Ad (usually Google Adwords – illustrated below)
    the \
  • The payment promised is the commission if and only if someone purchase the product
  • You need to add (from your own pocket) the cost of advertising. Sometime they will say they have 2 ways the paid one and the free one to advertise. This simply refer to the alternative that you can write articles, blog, email, word of mouth, etc to advertise the product if you don’t want to pay for PPC (Pay Per Click) ad.
  • Additionally they will ‘support’ you to promote the very same program (“data entry”/work from home program) that you buy and earn commission. They provide you with template of the ad or website that you just ‘cut and paste’ to your ad or website.

So, what you will get is nowhere near the real data entry job. It’s practically Affiliate Marketing.

The problem here it is not the Affiliate Marketing, it’s the way Affiliate Marketing being disguised as “data entry”. Which is not correct. Yes, it involve data entry (filling up webform), but data entry is not the main activity. As illustration: can you advertise marketing research job (the one interview people in the shopping center) as “data entry” job just because it involve inputing data into computer ? Of course not!.

Affiliate Marketing itself is not a scam. It’s just earning commission by selling pother people’s product. It’s legitimate and also a multi million dollar business.

If you want to know how Affiliate Marketing works, click here: the basic of Affiliate Marketing

Yes, this is absolute total scam. Not only it is misleading, but it will give the real data entry industry and internet marketing in general a bad name.

Why Google and Clickbank Ban “Data Entry” Product

Google’s only worry – as one of the most reputable company in the world – is good user experience. If an internet user use Google to find a data entry job, and he/she stumble upon this scam “data entry” ad display on Google website (or other website that display Adsense – with “Ads by Google” marking). Then Google will be ethically (not legally) responsible of him/her being cheated/scammed.

What happen next as you can imagine, the victim will blame Google of his/her misfortune (paying money to scammer).

While Google state the policy of banning the scam “data entry” product openly, I can’t find any wording about this in ClickBank policy, but Clickbank have removed all scam “data entry” product from its catalog.

I would believe that since ClickBank guarantee a refund, the rate of refund of such program will be much higher that average product.

It’s not the processing fee cost that they concern. It’s the reputation of being a good provider of digital product. They are the largest and have very good reputation. Why involve in such scam and damaging the image of the company?


If you are internet marketer and thinking about marketing this scam “data entry” job. Please stop! You don’t have any place to do it anymore. Many people are watching and don’t make yourself a fraud !

If you’re looking for the real data entry job, beware of such scam. Stick with reputable online job agency.

But if you’re also interested what mentioned by the ads, learn the proper Affiliate Marketing, read this article: How Affiliate Marketing works and if necessary, join the real program that teach you how to do Affiliate Marketing properly. (Not the one disguised as “data entry” job) Remember, if you want to do Affiliate Marketing yourself, you can start with very little capital (only small cost for domain name and website hosting) and also there will be a lot of help from the product owner.

Good luck !

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5 Comments on Why Google and ClickBank Ban “Data Entry” Product

  1. Muhammad Amjad on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 23:40
  2. I am Searching a Job for Data Entry at Home, My Typing Speed is 102 Words Per Minute and i also qualified in Computer Skills. Please intimate to me for above work.
    Muhammad Amjad

  3. Denis Kristanda on Mon, 2nd Jun 2008 15:31
  4. Unfortunately the above description was a scam. I don’t think you want to throw yourself in a scam.

    But if you’re interested in Internet Marketing, do this quality training by Ed Dale – you will be Expert at no time:

    Good Luck !

  5. viplav on Tue, 27th Jan 2009 18:45
  6. i have already work on dataposting
    so there are my role in add keywords and description so when are you give that then i will complete work.

    waiting for your replay

  7. Product data Entry on Thu, 3rd Dec 2009 17:24
  8. Looks like just right fit to me….

  9. Jeamm on Fri, 12th Feb 2010 18:51
  10. i am using both Clickbank and infolinks ads on my website. Clicbank generates more money than infolinks but your website should be getting lots of us traffic.

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