[2011] Ping Server List For Your WordPress (or Other) Blog

Ping Server List is one of many aspect that need to be maintained when you have an online blog, WordPress or otherwise. Why? Some servers are no longer exist, some servers have merged together, some new servers have started, etc – so here we go… This is what I use for 2011…

2011 Ping Server List

Just copy and past the following into your WordPress setting (Settings ==> Writing):


Yes, I also agree with you, the list is not that long. But that list is considered one of the effective on, because if a ping server is on a syndication, for example the biggest one will be http://rpc.pingomatic.com, then it is not a good idea to ping both that server AND rpc.pingomatic.com as your ping will be broadcast twice in very short period of time. Do this several time, then it is possible that your site and IP address will be on blacklist for ping-spamming. They do this automatically if you must know. For sure you don;t want this to be happening.

Also, having a short list also save your server resources – especially if you are on budget plan and often got that nasty “Internal Server Error / Error 500” that could happen randomly from time to time when the server is running out of resources (CPU time, memory or even hard drive space) due to super greedy hosting provider that won’t give you much at all.

And as a “proof”, as usual, below is the snapshot from my Ping Manager (MBP Ping Optimizer – which is still my preference!):

[Ping Result]

Pinged! and Done

One tips before I go:  you may want to do “ping” to twitter as well, by posting the link and title to twitter every time you publish a blog. Just install “Twitter Tools” (again, many similar tools will be many), create a special twitter account for your blog (separate it from your own twitter account) – and setup (follow instruction there) to post a tweet every time a new article is published. You will be surprised, just by doing this and regular publication, in several month there will be some follower on this publishing twitter account. Have a try – all free service!

Hope this helps….

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