Feedburner’s My Brand: “Feed not found” Error

Feedburner is virtually¬† de facto standard when it comes to RSS syndication. After being acquired by Google, they still maintain the famous brand. One of cool (and free) feature of Feedburner is what they called “MyBrand”. And for one my site, I have this “Feed not found” keep coming.. Annoying, but I finally found the solution.

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Feedburner RSS

“My Brand”

This feature is to use your own domain as the RSS feed URL. So, normally your feed with Feedburner will be something like:


(where [YourSiteID] is a unique identifier for your feed)

With “My Brand” your RSS feed become:


which is very good to maintain your domain as the brand of your product / site.

To activate this feature, just login to feedburner, click “My Account” on top bar, click “My Brand” on left hand side menu, then add a CNAME to your domain DNS record as detailed by that page. (This CNAME is unique just for your account, do not mix/share with other) then put your feed domain into the form on that page as well. And once the DNS record is active, you will be able to use your domain as RSS feed describe above.

“Feed not found” Error

While testing the RSS feed for one of my website, 7NTbyme.com – a bridge blog, I always encounter “feed not found” error as pictured below:

FeedBurner could not deliver this feed to you because of the specific problem listed below:

Feed Address: http://feeds.7ntbyme.com/7nt
HTTP Error (Code) and Message: (404) Feed not found error: FeedBurner cannot locate this feed URI.


  • The fact that the feed address has bring up Feedburner’s error, that’s mean the DNS record on the domain is active already.
  • I double check the CNAME record against the feedburner’s record and it’s the correct one
  • I check on the “My Brand” page, that feed address above has been correctly listed without error message (try to re-Save the page to come up with the error message – see below)
    [My Brand step 2]

    Feed address correctly listed

  • Then I check the original feed. That website is a wordpress platfrom so I type directly http://www.7ntbyme.com/feed on the browser… And the feed correctly listed… So, no problem here.
  • Thus, if both my domain and feedburner have¬† already got the correct record, and the wordpress display the correct feed, why I still get the error ?


I almost give up and contact Feedburner until I see something that not so obvious but could be a problem. Can you see from above ? The url I type on the browser will be automatically become lowercase, while the feedburner record has different capitalization (“NT” upper case – 7NT is the highest contract in bridge short for “7 No Trump” so I get used to write it in capital)

So, I try to change the record with all lower case and Voila…. the feed is there !

So, the solution of this problem as well as the “rule” to setup My Brand correctly is:

Type only your feed-specific domain (on Feedburner’s MyBrand step 2) with lower case.

Silly problem, but I am glad it has been resolved.

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