Practical Tips Selecting Web Hosting Provider For Your Website: Blog & Internet Marketing Business

Once you decide you want to do internet marketing business- whether e-commerce, blogging, forum, affiliate marketing, social media, or even porn – you need to have a website. To have a website you need a computer that always “on” 24 hours that always accessible from internet to serve your website to cutsomer. Then like it or not you need to select your web hosting provider. This is how to select it.

First, Decide The Type of Server

There are mainly 3 type of server that you can choose when it comes to web hosting:

Selecting Computer to Serve Your Website

Selecting Computer to Serve Your Website

  1. Shared Hosting Server: the cheapest of all, you can start with $5 per month, even less. In one computer, there will be many website (could be hundreds of them) who will share the memory, harddisk, CPU and the bandwidth.
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS): in general you can get good VPS below $50 mark per month. This is still a shared server environment, but with very much less customer in one server. The server is virtually divided (by software) to allow you restart or alter special configuration as if it is your own server.
  3. Dedicated Server: you need to spend around $100 or more per month. This is the ultimate solution for your website, but quite expensive. You can literally do whatever you want (almost) to your website and its configuration.

Second, Follow This Guideline

If you are just starting in Internet Marketing journey, follow below guideline will give you the best possible outcome for your website:

  1. Start with Shared Hosting and go to VPS and Dedicated Server as you go (if your website become successful and the current server cannot handle it anymore then upgrade). Don’t just do it for show. Upgrading (even change provider) is very very easy and fast.
  2. Do NOT choose the cheapest hosting package – it usually useless and give you unnecessary problem. Choose the “business”-type hosting. Spend at least around $10- $15 per month. This should you have a decent start to cater even for hundreds of website visitor a day.
  3. Do NOT host your website by yourself (unless you are a hosting company): Internet marketing is highly competitive, focus your power to do internet marketing stuff.
  4. Choose the one that offer “Dedicated IP Address” even for small additional fee. IP Address is electronic identity of your website, sharing it with other unknown website (remember could be hundreds in one server) could jeopardize your business.
  5. Check your server IP Address from known blacklist. Do this within a day you sign up and ask for other IP Address if you found it listed as banned IP Address. How to check ? Easy, plenty free service on the internet, some of them:
    (Google is your friend, search for “online ip address check” or similar)
  6. Only signup with big reputable company (which will have adequate customer support and resources if there is anything wrong with the server) – Do read review of hosting company. Read several reviews, hosting company that keep being recommended the chances are they are the best available around.
  7. Don’t bother about disgruntled customer (the one you read on other website or forum) – Every big hosting company will have thousands of customer which each has individual purpose. It will be impossible to anyone to please every single individual. In short, there always be a disgruntled customer.
  8. Then you can compare the “standard item” like PHP, MySQL support, how many domain per account(higher the better), the disc space(higher the better), the bandwidth (higher the better). Everything else just a goodies, dont make it a major consideration.

Hope this helps. Happy hostingĀ  hunting !

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