[2009] Ping Server List For Your WordPress Blog

One of the most useful technical aspect of blogging is the capability of doing the “ping”. This is basically tell the world that you have something new on your website. The only problem is you need to maintain a balance between do the ping too many (and they think that you  are a spammer) and ping too little and your content is not spreading as fast.

Something to consider:

  1. By far http://rpc.pingomatic.com/ is the most important ping server that need to be on your list. (Hence I put it on the top) This server is actually also ping several other server consequtively. Go to http://pingomatic.com/ for the latest list.
  2. The hurdle is, if you want to list additional server, you need to check whether pingomatic above has already ping it for you. Remember if you ping certain server too many within certain time period (exact restriction is depending on each server) they will consider it as ping spam and do it too often will make your ip address to be on their blacklist.
    So, the list below has been checked against what currently pingomatic pinging.
  3. Furthermore, if you have too many on your list, when you are publishing your blog post, you probably got frozen up or even error 500 – Internal Server Error would happen. This most likely either the memory reach the limit and the hosting company cut you off, or just simply the PHP script time out (as it wait response from the ping server)
  4. Consider to install “Ping Manager”. One that I use and recommend is MBP (Max Blog Press) Ping Optimizer. You need to optin to activate the plugin, but it worth it. Go to http://www.maxblogpress.com/plugins/mpo/ to read further. This will help you with item (3) above.

So, here is the current list – just copy and paste to your WordPress platform (Settings ==> Writing):


Here is the pinging proof that above list is currently working:

MBP PIng Optimizer Log - make sure the pinging works !

MBP PIng Optimizer Log - make sure the pinging works !

BTW, the ping list above should work for other platform than wordpress as well. Happy pinging !

p.s: once updated I will post different entry and put the link here

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