Forgotten Crucial Element for Your Blog: The Hosting Provider’s X Factor

When you have decided to host your own blog with your own domain, one of the thing that need to be done is to choose your hosting company. If you just starting up, of course is not very recommended to spend hundreds of dollar monthly on dedicated server. You should be fine with the “ordinary” shared hosting where you just spend maybe around $10 or less per month on hosting service, then with your blog getting more readers and contents, you will need to scale up, going to more powerful server and eventually the dedicated server. But the unfortunate thing is, it’s very difficult to choose the right hosting company among those “shared hosting” that is decent enough for a start without breaking the bank. This article will show you one !

The X-Factor

When choosing a hosting company, people usually look at how much it is included in term of: the disk space included, bandwidth, no of email, no of database, etc. Unfortunately, when you want to host a WordPress based blog, none of them is really matter. Well, for a start WordPress is quite notorious as memory hungry application (partly thanks to the highly modular and extendability that it offers – which actually a good feature), so we need a hosting company that is “wordpress friendly”: allow a bit of allowance to cater the WordPress’s overhead, before penalized the user for use too much of server resources.

Unfortunately, based on my experience, we don’t know this until someone actually try and use it. I will call this the “X”-factor.

The Symptoms

The symptoms that you can observe when you are with those hosting companies that is NOT wordpress friendly are (included but not limited to):

  • Many Internal Server Errors (not caused by certain plugin, but more to because you use a bit too many plugin install)
  • The dashboard (and other pages) sometimes only rendered half way by your browser (not completely displayed)
  • Cannot really do automatic upgrade for plugin or/and the core (Stuck somewhere in between)
  • Very very slow even you have installed a caching program

And if those above happen, even you are indexed properly by search engine, have a great content and update the contents regularly, sooner or later you will loose all of your reader and rank because of those server problem. In other word: if you experience above symptoms: change your hosting company.

Someone said you need to check the “PHP Memory Limit” that will be applied by the hosting company. But I have proven this is not the case. I have some hosting company that put 128MB on this parameter but I still get a lot of problem with my WordPress installation. (How you check?, one easy way is: just install WP Security Scan – and it will display this info)

As you can imagine, in shared hosting, one server is used to host hundreds of websites, the resources (RAM, Disk Space, CPU power, etc) will be divided among those website. Some hosting company will automatically shut you off when you cross some limit, others allow you to burst a bit as long as it’s not burden the server. So, basically what you need is to have a company that give its shared hosting client: low ratio of website per server, give generous memory and CPU load allocation, and not too strict to shut you off as soon as you crosses the threshold. Thus, you can see it will be quite hard to determine this combined factor, even getting the privilege information that you required to judge it.

The Recommendation

One of the hosting company that I would like to recommend is WebHostingBuzz. I have been hosting a WordPress blog with heaps of plugin without any problems mention above. And it just cost me $48 per year at this moment. Hence very ideal for starting your blog journey. To experience it yourself, you can go to my personal blog and check it yourself whether it has some problems serving you the content or not. It runs the latest version of WordPress with some 35 plugins on it (yes, all of the plugin are essential for me) and the PHP Limit is only reporting “32MB”. So far it runs without problem and getting some popularity in times.

On the other hand, this very server for this website had given me plenty of problem. With the cost is very similiar, not only the website rendered incomplete, but also it cannot even upgrade the latest plugin by automatic upgrade (just stop in the middle) and it hardly have 10 plugins on it.

Hence, just check it out yourself here: WebHostingBuzz select your favorite hosting scheme based on your need and one thing you can have in your mind: that it will run wordpress blog without problem based on my experience.

Let me know your experience as well !

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