Ping Services For WordPress: Better Optimize it !

It’s general wisdom in internet marketing world that a blog website will be indexed by search engine quite faster compare to other type of website. Well, the widely accepted reason is that’s because the content of a blog is being updated quite frequently, often daily or several times  in a day. So, the content is fresh, recent and up to date. And this is the reason search engine like a blog.

Ping Mechanism

Now the question, how does the search engine knows about the update? The answer is: because of what so called ‘ping service‘. The mechanism is simple: whenever a blog post is published, the blog platform (e.g: WordPress) will tell the so-called ping server that its content has been updated. The example of ping server is:

So, the blog need to communicate with the ping server in order to let the server know that a new content have been publish. This process known as ‘pinging‘.  The server then can produce a list of the latest blog with the latest update. Since a lot of blog ping the same server,  search engine can simply monitor this list to see which blog have the most up to date content and then sent its robot/spider to crawl to the blog website.

That’s why when the blog is very active, it’s more likely that the search engine robot will visit the website also more frequently, hence the site get indexed at quite fast time-frame. (Maybe in matters of hours only). But on the other hand, if  the blog did not ping the server, then hardly nobody in internet, especially search engine, knows what’s going on at the blog.

But Spam Rises

As the mechanism become clear, now come all the opportunist spammer to take advantage on this process. When doing their automated blog content (which can be done very fast), the spam blog will automatically ping the server as fast as well. Learn from the previous experience, the server now know that if a website do some ping quite often and very repetitive, the chances are it’s a spam blog. Hence, after some confirmation, that website could be banned by the ping server.

Your WordPress Blog Can Be Mistakenly Categorized As Spam Blog

Why? Ping Services have been integrated by default to WordPress software. The behaviour is simple: whenever there is an update of the content, it will ping the server. That’s good and that’s the want we want, right ? So, what’s the problem ? The problem lies on the fact that there is some variation on how to use the wordpress.

  1. Some people (usually the professional one) will create the blog post in offline editor or word processor. After the article is finished then maybe it will need to underwent some proof reading (usually by the editor or proof reading service). When it’s time for the publication, the article just need to be submitted (or cut and paste) to word press and published. If the content need to be updated several months later for example, then of course once updated, they need WordPress to re-ping the server to let the change be known.
  2. But some other people use internal WordPress editor for editing, saving and everything. I mean like doing several saving/update on WordPress before the post is actually published. So, if you pause 10 times while creating your article and save the work on wordpress 10 times , WordPress by default will do the ping 10 times as well. How about if you save 50 times, then there will be 50 pings. Because of this, your WordPress blog can be mistakenly categorized as spam blog because it behaves like one (repetitive ping inside very short time period)

The Solution: Ping Optimizer

So, if you can categorized yourself to type (1) above, then you don’t need to be afraid that the server will think you are a spam blog, because your ing is only when the content is being publish the first time, or after the update several time later.

But if you are type (2) where the wordpress editor is your developer tools, then you need to optimize the pingin process.

Basically, what you need is:

  • Do not ‘ping’ the server if it’s only saving and updating
  • Only ‘ping’ when the it’s publish the first time
  • If you schedule to publish a post in future date, only ping when it has been published.

Unfortunately, these expected behaviors are still yet to be implemented in the core system of WordPress. But luckily, there is a plugin that can fix this problem. The plugin is called MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. You can go to their website here and download and install it on your WordPress Blog. Not only creating the expected behaviour above, this plugin also log the status and result of the pinging process for every server and also you may disable and enable the pinging very easily.

I used to use the Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger, but it has some drawbacks as follows:

  • I encountered a annoying problem that the plugin giving Error 500-Internal Server Error as describe in this post. Since I replaced it with Ping Optimzier, all the problem seems dissipating. So I only can recommend MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer based on my own experience. The conclusion was there is something in its script that sensitive with the server configuration (don’t know what).
  • It seems that future post (post that scheduled to be published in the future) does not get its ping.

But if you don’t experience those problem then Ultimate Plugins is also a good alternative for your WordPress installation.

The only small inconvenience with the Ping Optimizer is that you need to register your copy by opt in to their list. it’s free but just restrict your freedom since there is no other alternative to use the plugin. (Well, except hack into and nulled the script).


Make sure every WordPress installation that you have includes additional ping service login such as MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer to make sure your IP address/domain is not being blocked or banned by the ping server because of repetitive ping request resulted from saving/updating your in-progress post. Until the core WordPress software has better control on this ping behaviour, you better have this plugin for your own good.

Hope this helps !

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  2. I really enjoyed what you said about Ping services, and I feel like i will use this a lot.
    I noticed that you also mentioned something about make sure your ip adress is not being banned. I have a site about seo/internet marketing on my site Feel free to check it out if you’d like.

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