Cheap Quality Legitimate Photo , Image and Illustration For Your Website or Blog

If you need a good quality photo or image or picture for your website, on this post I will discuss a cheap and painless way to get such boost for your online property without wasting your time at all. Also, this is the safest way to avoid any future problem about the photo / image.

(Read this post 5 Reasons Why We Need to License The Image / Picture for Website or Blog if you want to know further)

How You Do It

The easiest and cheapest way to get the photo that you want very quick and painless way (and legit as well) is to buy from the online photo shop. They might call themselves photo repository , photo bucket, online image repository, microstock photography, etc… but the bottom line they can supply all kind of photos that you need in a snap. Let’s compare some that available.

Before that, a photo or image or illustration for your website does not need to be in very high resolution. With most of the people display in around 1024×768 pixel screen, a picture with size of 800×600 pixel is already too big. Furthermore you want the size of the picture not more than around 50-100 kilobytes in size. So in the comparison below, the photo / picture/ image/illustration that we want to acquire is from this range.

Retail Buy Per Photo Bulk Buy Per Photo
Dreamstime $2.00 (7 photos for $6.99) $0.43 30 days membership for $128.99 for 300 images
iStockPhoto $2.85 (95c per credit, requires 3 credit) $1.94 90 days membership for $1,745 for 900 images
CreStock $5.00 each $0.30 30 days membership for $179 for 600 images
BigStockPhoto $2.50 each $1.00 bulk credit for 300 images
ShutterStock $4.08 (12 photos for $49) $0.33 bulk credit $249 for 750 images
FreeDigitalPhotos Free need a mention and hyperlink, some restriction applies
StockXCHG Free some restriction applies
All dollar amount is in US Dollar, correct as per Feb 2009

As you can see, the price is is quite cheap. If you just want a few photos, the price is around $2 each. If you need more, the price is as low as 30 cents each. (Actually for Crestock, the first purchase they give 50% off, so you are looking at 15cents each photo). If you don’t want to spent a dime, you can still get a license image (you just need to give credit and provide backlink near the photo). Of course for further detail, you need to check individually on their respective website about further term and condition. The table above just big picture summary.

Tips and Trick

  1. Survey your need. You may need certain type of photos more than other. Check their collection which one give you more value.
  2. The available quality (in term of resolution) is generally more than enough for any web purposes. Sometimes you need to re-size down anyway… So, concentrate more on the content of the photo.
  3. Plan ahead. If you know your market and your niche, you probably know what kind of illustration that you might need. Then you can make use the cheaper offer by buying bulk. For example: I did subscribed at CreStock for 1 month, grab around 500+ plus photo (miss few days quota for holidaying..:-) ) and probably I only need to grab new stock within 1 year, cost me $90.
  4. Register for free for all of the provider above. They have a daily or weekly free image that you can download for free. You just need to be registered to them.
  5. Be careful about the license as it’s okay to use the picture/image for your website, it might be not okay if you print it for a t-shirt for example, especially for commercial purposes. So, although you paid for it don’t abuse it.  But generally for private purposes it’s okay. But double check with the license should you have doubt.


For the longer term benefit, you always need to license your photo by pay for it. The cost associated with it is really small compare to the huge benefit that you have: having a quality licensed photo that enhanced your website or blog in the internet.

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