5 Reasons Why We Need to License The Image / Picture for Website or Blog

For all of us who look after a website, having an illustration or picture or image or photo to help strengthen the messages across to our visitor / client is always a nice additional. Your visitor will not only stay on your website longer, it actually enhanced the user experience (the user will like it) and the chance for him/her go back to your website will be higher as well.

Now the question is how do we got that picture. In my early days, I took the snap myself with my digital camera – but with more activity need to be done each day, this become pain exercise. Then I found that Google Image Search is one alternative. But this activity is not really legitimate as I actually breaking a copyright license and many other nasty stuff.

Here are 5 reasons why we want to have a licensed image/picture/photo on our website:

  1. We don’t want to upset other people . In this social networking world, every single internet user is our potential client. If other website owner start whinges about we use their copyrighted photo without permission, or a photographer start complain about us, it’s very easy for them to make it known to others: forum post, a tweet, a blog post, etc…
  2. Save yourself unnecessary embarrassment . We are all want to be a successful in our online ‘adventure’ with our website or blog. When that time come, a simple remark that we have been hijacking other people images/photo is unnecessary embarrassment that will tarnish your reputation and success. Remember that this thing is open to the public and we cannot denied it (I mean your website is still there on the internet with that photo for everybody to see). Do it clean from the first start.
  3. Avoid any legal problem . Remember, the other party that has right might launch a legal proceeding against you about this improper conduct. Legal proceeding means a lot of time and money…. And everybody should stay away from this and concentrate more on getting more money.
  4. The cost of proper license for beautiful picture / photo / image is getting ridiculously cheap . Read my other post about this: Cheap Quality Legitimate Photo , Image and  Illustration For Your Website or Blog . If you think $10 per picture is quite expensive, how about $2 per picture. Better yet, how about 30cents per picture.
  5. Enhanced your website or your blog post . Having a license image implies that you have chosen the most appropriate and suitable for your blog post or website (because you pay for it, of course you choose the one very suitable). If this happen, subsequently you make your blog post and website more valuable and that means more people will like it and they keep come back to you when they visit the internet.

Hope this helps…

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